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Love is a Mystery Never Understood...But Always Sought!

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

We learn — sometimes late in life — that LOVE is pure, painful, captivating, addictive and horrific.

It happens all at once or sometimes in small servings without warning.

The truth is, love is a basic necessity in everyone’s life. Whether wanted or not!

In fact, science has proven that love is the best medicine for the body.

De veras, Science has identified three basic parts of love. Each part driven by a unique blend of brain chemicals. A uncontrollable attraction, driven by adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin. Quien sabe (Who knew)!

We all love differently. More importantly, we Love people around us differently too. Yet we still call it love.

Our boy/girlfriend, husband,wife, partner, child, parents, grandparents, sister, brother, neighbor, Tia/Tio, our cat or dog. We Love them but not the same.

Why is that? Is it because everyone needs to be loved — in some form or fashion — to live a proper and healthy life?

It's both a physical and psychological need which some of the time can be ignored but is never forgotten. In fact, we look for it throughout our lives and find it — good and bad love!

Even the Trumpado needs love. No doubt he had to pay for it, pero that was not real love only expensive lust.

Yeah, we know lust feels good too but it doesn't last forever, damn it! Like a cold, it comes and goes...but its never cured!

Love has many definitions. Ask someone and they will give you their own definition of love.

Love is a variety of feelings, emotions, and attitudes. It’s an emotional attachment...except for egomaniacs that only love themselves!

For the rest of us, Love is a deep commitment and connection to someone or... something. Yeah, like a righteous cause, or unbridled dedication to work, or addiction.

You hear people ask. What does she see in him? Why does he do whatever she wants? Those questions can never be answered because there is no rational response!

The Polish Nobel laureate Wisława Szymborska (July 2, 1923–February 1, 2012) — a visionary poet with uncommon insight into the human psyche — gave us pause to reflect.

She examined the forbearance and hardiness of heart that love requires in a beautiful short piece simply titled “Great Love.”

"...great love is never justified. It’s like the little tree,

that springs up in some inexplicable fashion,

on the side of a cliff: where are its roots?

What does it feed on?

What miracle produces those green leaves?

But it does exist and it really is green,

clearly, then, it’s getting

whatever it needs to survive."

The great Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy, shared his views on Love and our self-harming delusions about the nature of love. He argued that our personal failure with love, springs from our over-reliance on reason, which is invariably an imperfect faculty and can be led astray by our mis-beliefs. Tolstoy writes:

The activity of love offers such difficulties, that its manifestations become not only painful, but often impossible...

“One should not reason about love”

those men usually say, who do not understand life...

“but abandon oneself to the immediate feeling, of preference and partiality, which one experiences for men [and women], that is the true love.”

Love is a seemingly unbreakable bond that once broken, rips at the pit of our hearts. That is why so many love songs have been written and wars have been fought. The lyrics in Santana's hit song, Amor Espinado, written by songwriter: Fher Olvera and sung by Mana remind us of the impact of a lost love:

Cómo me duele el olvido,

Cómo duele el corazón,

Cómo me duele estar vivo

Sin tenerte a un lado, amor.

How it hurts to forget,

How the heart hurts,

How it hurts being alive

Without you beside me, my love.

PuroChisme's favorite Chicano Poet shares his view of LOVE with a rendering of a Valentine Prose. Let us know what you think!


I AM NOT…any kind of Poet.

That can find new words unsaid,

But I know what I feel, is real,

Just to keep you in my head.

I AM NOT…any kind of Leader.

Cause I’d rather be following you,

Wherever you may find yourself,

Know, I will be there too.

I AM NOT…any kind of writer.

As I drift off in my space,

But I pen you in my heart,

The masterpiece I gently chase.

I AM NOT…any kind of man.

Neither predator nor prey,

See, my hunting days have passed,

But for you...I gladly stay.



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