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Why, is Not a Question We readily Ask Ourselves…Y porque No?

The 5 W's: Who, What, When, Where, and...Why. They are often the research style used in journalism, college research and law enforcement investigations. The hardest of these W's to explore is the WHY of a topic, issue or event. Especially if the subject matter is one bubbling with emotional or political baggage. Tu sabes; Climate Change, Poverty, Wars, Election Campaigns, Covid-19 drama, etc.

The 5W’s are considered the basics in information gathering and/or problem solving. But we almost instinctively ignore the last W. The question, WHY? Instead, we should be starting with it. And, I think it’s high time we make it a priority. And here’s WHY. Pay attention Esa, because HE probably won’t understand. Simon, men don't easily get this, especially at a young age and I’ll explain that to you later, in this blog!

The "why" of any existential question is what really matters. Existentialism is a 20th century philosophy concerned with questions about how and whether life has meaning, and why we exist. The word existential is a combination of two words “existence” and “essence,” and this then is a question concerning the essence of what it means to be alive. Why are we here on earth? The proverbial meaning-of-life question.

An existential crisis or threat, is a moment when individuals question the very foundations of their life: whether life has any meaning, purpose or value. PuroChisme believes there are 5 life-changing moments (birth, near death, divorce, marriage and career-change) that affect all of us to varying degrees, when they strike home.

The question of "WHY," isn’t fact based like the other “W’s,” it is philosophical and existential in nature. Questions that most people ask at some point in their lives – or should have asked: Why are we here on earth? Why are there wars without end? Why is there so much suffering in the world? These questions demand some soul-searching.

These are questions that need answers that go beyond our world view and psyche. Tu sabes, a conversation about other gente's failures or successes, is easier to debate because it ain't personal. Those are safe conversations.

Even when it's about emotionally charged issues – the poor, homeless, bad economy, drug users, criminals. It is outside our personal inner space. But when questions that matter ae asked, thought provoking questions about ourselves or with ourselves, we avoid them! We are uncomfortable, not really grounded about something we don't care to reveal because we haven't faced our own mortality.

Let’s get gender specific here – Men traditionally have always lived in a society where the sexes are segregated from a very young age and while there are reasons for this, there are also consequences. Men, are almost exclusively around other boys who are taught the transactional relationship style in life.

For young boys and young men, sharing is transactional; toys, clothes, work for pay…and with the opposite sex – politeness for affection. Simon, I said it, it is Gacho to be Macho in this world today! An example, pues have you seen piñata parties? Watch the children and the parents...see the difference in gender behavior yourself!

Generally speaking, boys and men are simply taught to be more aggressive and hostile from a young age. We probably get this from our fathers, or, absent a father figure, from media. We live in a patriarchy, after all, one that values hierarchy and competition quite fondly.

Men, by and large, want strong leaders and value sports heroes. We are taught socially to abhor cooperative ideas that might produce a more cohesive society. The idea that men would seek to ask themselves questions about “Why” we behave or believe a certain way is foreign to our socially absorbed dogma of manliness. "We don need no stinkin, new ideas!"

The questions about “self” are the hardest to answer for most men. But everyone struggles because those questions demand answers that we rarely seek to find: Why is my life important? Why does it matter? Why am I here?

The problem with any kind of deep reflection is that it generally shakes up a person’s comfortable existence. It’s very easy to get complacent, to get into our routines and habits and just coast along in life – fuck everyone else!

When there are “No Problemas,” then there are no reasons to change, right? So, we prefer to stay comfortable and “not think too much” about all the turmoil that we’ve shoved to the back of our psyche.

This is generally why it takes hardship or outright trauma to “wake up” a person and make them start questioning life and what they’ve always assumed to be true.

In the pain and suffering of our lives is where we can grow – and appreciate what is fun, good and enjoyable. In the joy and love of our lives is where we nurture – and earnestly seek to share so others can feel the same - happiness and passion.

So, ASK YOURSELF WHY! Why am I here? Don’t wait until you are too old to discover what your life could have been!

Celebrate now! Appreciate now! Enjoy, love, laugh, follow your bliss…even in isolation...pero, no touching please...and put your mask on in public!

Do what makes you happy, what gives YOU fulfillment…draw a pinche happy face on your mascara when you go out...tell the world,"YEAH, I exist for a reason...So what if I'm still looking for toilet paper!"

Give freely, of what you can, to others; asking nothing in return. In that way you will receive something which is priceless...peace of mind that warms the soul. It's true, there is a profound joy in giving to others. Your time, money, precious items, needed resources. Try it!

It will give meaning to your life, if only for yourself. Then and only then can we begin to answer the question of, WHY ARE WE?

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