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The English Dictionary translates the words PURO CHISME distinctively as




The words used in Spanish have a much more vibrant meaning to Raza that implies - what  your about to hear may be rumors, tales, stories, with some truth-telling history woven into the beautiful fabric of our lengua y cultura...and maybe sprinkled with a bit of corazon .

Or it could be BS!

PUROCHISME could be a fib, an  embellishment, or the simple truth. In our Blog, we will always strive for positivity and information - to be critically inspiring and provide, at times, magical thoughts - for your spirit, heart and mind. In fact, we are independent publishers too! Check out our Órale Press page.

Our dedicated, volunteer team of writers, bloggers, poets and fledgling story-tellers hope to inspire your days with topics pertinent to all ages and backgrounds, throughout the Americas. Stories can range from Daylight Savings, nopalitos and your umbligo; to why we vote, addictions, Boomer-rage and even the eating habits of the Chupacapra!



Which is why you are invited to visit our site today. Raza of all ages, lifestyles, cultures sharing interesting ideas, opinions, stories, music, poetry, politica and health fulfilling topics to enjoy. Click on any of our menu bar headings and join our discussion on PUROCHISME topics that resonate, instigate and sometimes irritate the brain and soul. Pero acuérdate, que es, PUROCHISME!

Click the BLOG icon y Vamanos!

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