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We have begun 2022 rolling hard Raza! Got our Rona booster fix and hoping for a productive year of blog and book writings. Our publishing company, ÓRALE PRESS, vision is to  provide a platform for unknown or first-time authors to have an opportunity to share their stories.

Our first published book, for Young Adults (ages 14-20), is called "Chile Town." It is a fictional story of the struggles young (15 & 16 years of age) Latinos face in the inner city. It is the first of a three-part series. We hope you enjoy it and share it with a friend.
We have two stories in progress:  Chile Town II, the second book in our Young Adult fiction series that shares the dilemmas of each character as they get ready to graduate from high school.  And, Lima Lama Warrior, the true story about a little known lethal martial art created in East Los Angeles during the mid-1960's and its growth throughout Mexico (50,000 practitioners) and the rest of the world. The martial arts world is viewed from the eyes of a 9th Degree Lima Lama Black Belt, born in Jalisco, Mexico and raised in the calles of El Monte, California. This warrior's fighting tales will surprise you as he fought his way through high school, the Army and full-contact martial art tournaments  to become a Kickboxing  Champion.
We have two other story ideas on the shelf but gaining momentum. The first is a true story of veterans of war during Vietnam.  The second, is a fictional piece called, The Warrior Code, a story of three close friends who must decide if the truth outweighs the consequences. We hope it is good enough as a potential movie project...simon, just envisioning out loud and proud que no?                                                                                                              ____________

      At Órale Press, We are committed to establishing our role as a culturally relevant publisher that enlightens society through the manuscripts we select to publish. We strive to make intellectual investments that fosters new ideas, creativity, and strong messages of hope, among diverse voices. Through our charitable donations and community leadership activities, we seek to promote literacy and support freedom of expression, which reflects our belief in the power of books to re-imagine the way we see our world.




By Cynthia and Richard Alvarado

Zenon-his friends call him "Z"-is a fifteen year-old youth

with no particular goals in life except one: to meet Blanca. Blanca is a sixteen year-old observant, energetic and popular girl. The both ride the city bus each day. Z, always confident and mindful of others, is anything but that whenever he sees Blanca board the bus. Unbeknownst to them, Z and Blanca share friends who struggle with the hard challenges facing young Latinos in the inner city: Poverty, drugs, gangs, and family issues.

         Parrot, Pecas and Flea are wannabe gangbangers who find trouble in their home life that spills out in the streets. Chata and her twin sister Gata, share romance secrets that will ultimately change their lives. And Z's best friend Chuy, who learns too late, that no one is safe from their fate.

         Fortunately, they all find solace and support from Bus Driver Tom, who seems to enter their lives-at just the right time-when trouble arrives.

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Here is an excerpt of a  critique from Writers Digest Self-Published Book Award.

Judge’s Commentary:

“Chile Town by Cynthia Alvarado and Richard Alvarado is a fascinating concept for many reasons. The intercity cultural work at play is certainly noteworthy, and I'm intrigued by the complex connectivity between the characters that the plot carries out…I would imagine the differing perspectives hurt the traditional publishing opportunities of the book, since a limited third-person perspective is the norm now…The strengths mostly outweigh my criticism of the perspectives. Since the story does great with the cultural explanation inside the City Bus, such a fascinating setting! I also loved how Spanish was intermixed within the English, a perfectly subtle way of inviting English readers into the story…Overall, Cynthia and Richard Alvarado should be proud of their work here. I hope they have many more projects planned.”


Judge, 27th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

And, here are some of our favorite books!


A true accounting of 11 Latinas who made U.S. History, Sé Audaz! Sé Valiente!: 11 Latinas que hicieron historia en los Estados Unidos is a bilingual book that highlights 11 Latinas who excelled in various fields including medicine, science, sports, art and politics. By presenting the true biographical stories of these outstanding Latinas in rhyming verses, young readers will easily follow their journey to success. Some of the women highlighted include Antonia Novello (first female Surgeon General in the U.S.), Ellen Ochoa (first Latina to go to space), Sonia Sotomayor (first Latina Supreme Court Justice,) Rita Moreno (first Latina to win an Oscar), Selena, and Pura Belpre (first Latina to incorporate and promote bilingual literacy in Public Libraries). The author, Naibe Reynoso, is a television reporter and accomplished journalist with over twenty years of professional experience in television, radio, online and other media platforms, who has won two local Emmys.

Gringo Injustice (2019)


Is a path-breaking collection, destined to be the definitive resource on Latino/as in the criminal justice system. Combining a range of sociological and legal frameworks with "insider" experience, the book casts new light on the dual system of justice that produces some of the most pressing challenges facing Latinos today.  Edited by Alfredo Mirandé, Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Ethnic Studies and a practicing Attorney; the chapters are powerfully written by scholars, activists, lawyers, and historians that address various justice issues (policing & legal racial bias, gang

 decriminalization, hyper-criminalization of youth, inter-ethnic conflict, etc) affecting Latinos.

10-33 On The West Yard (2015)


A True Story About Politics, Policies and Prison Gangs. Author R.A. Alvarado describes the 40 year history of California's  crime policy and policing practices that led to the largest prison riot in the past 50 plus years. The author shares first-person experiences of offenders, probation, parole and police that gives a "face" to the subject of crime.


Always Running (1993)



La Vida Loca Gang Days in L.A. The author Luis J. Rodriquez share his story of violence and desperation living the gang life in East Los Angeles before discovering a way out thru the power of words as a poet and writer.

Mexicano Political Experience in Occupied Aztlán (2005)


Armando Navarro, is a political scientist and professor of Ethnic Studies. Navarro provides a comprehensive political history of the Mexicano experience in the United States. He provides the reader a sweeping panorama of the role and importance of political culture in Chicano history revising the stereotypes of the apolitical Mexican and documents the central role of sociopolitical agency among Raza.

Drink Cultura C/S (1992)


Celebrated author, José Antonio Burciaga, presents a passionately lyrical lección para todos about the history of the Western and Southwestern people he affectionately calls CHICANISMO.

...Y No Se Lo Trago La Tierra (1971)


Tomas Rivera. A classic novel about the migrant worker experience recounts the experiences of a Mexican-American community through the eyes of a young boy. Forced to leave their home in search of work, the migrants are exploited by farmers, shopkeepers, and even other Mexican Americans, and the boy must forge his identity in the face of exploitation, death and disease, constant moving, and conflicts with school officials.

Street Wars (2004)


Tom Hayden, a human rights activist, organizer and former state senator of eighteen years in California provides a revealing and detailed account of America's gang & crime policies and their devastating impact to youth in our cities. His approach is both refreshingly interdisciplinary with a message of hope.

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