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BOOMER Bull & OG's Rule!

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Seems lately that the Baby Boomer generation (1946-1960) is taking "hits" for the state of the nation. Boomers are scoffed at with a condescending and derisive "Ok, Boomer," or "Boomer Please," as characterized by techie nerds or social media brats. They are the ones who talk smack behind their parent-Boomers backs, "Yeah, Mama's always right. But she still can't find WiFi or Netflix without me!" Supposedly, the word "Boomer," is the new "N" word, considered one of the most offensive words in the English language. (New York Post, 2/12/20). Que, que? PuroChisme!

Sure, news articles abound about the Other Gen's (Gen X, Y, and Z or I - as they have been called) and their generational struggles. These OG's (not to be confused with Original Gangsters) are viewed just as derisively as Boomers. Except, they are not blamed for the state of the nation, like Boomers have been.

For good reason, Boomers are to blame. You see, OG's are stuck today holding the bag of national debt, lousy career options, climate change and a democracy in chaos. The irony is, Boomers are busy questioning OG's life decisions and OG's are judging Boomer decisions that have affected their lives. Nobody wins the debate between generations. So why all the drama?

OG's born between 1978 and 2000 are the largest generation in American history. The Boomers once held the procreation (Tu sabes, breeding) title but relinquished it unceremoniously! OG's are usually characterized as the "WE" generation of social media fame.

Gen X'ers saw the rise of home computers, laptops, and video games. Gen Y, saw the rise of email, texting, YouTube and social networking. Gen Z or I have a life-long relationship with Technology – Netflix, Hulu, the Web, and all the latest social media innovations -Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. Together, they all make up the OG's of today.

Boomer brethren are not a homogeneous group of like-minded people. They are just as muddled as all the OG's. Boomers are credited with being from the Woodstock era. Their reputation of free love, flower power or peace loving generation is also known for their pivotal roles in the civil rights movement, Woodstock, and the protest of the Vietnam War.

The term “Baby Boomer” was derived due to the dramatic increase in birth rates following World War II. Soldiers came home from the war and apparently had more time to spend creating babies, resulting in a population in the U.S. of 75.4 million strong (Yeah, free love comes with a cost). Boomers made phone calls, wrote letters, and networked - in person. They became workaholics for the American Dream...a career, a house, and a new car every 3 years!

As they aged, Boomers became, just-a-little-bit, fluent in technology. Boomers use cell phones and laptop technologies mostly as productivity tools (Facebook being the exception); as opposed to connectivity, an idea that came from OG's.

The advent of today's social media apps (like; Tumbler, WhatsApp, Wechat, Instagram and Twitter, and more) are foreign concepts to most Boomers and not likely to change. Whereas, OG's, the latch-key kids, are run by their smart gadgets, what Psychology Today termed, "their third appendage."

What is forgotten is that the same Boomer image of peace lovers was balanced by an equal number of Boomers who felt threatened by the sudden change in society. Stability was more important to these Boomers and they ran to the shelter of "No Tolerance policies in schools, Law & Order doctrines in communities, and laissez faire economic principles in business. The truth is Boomers have always been in conflict with themselves...sometimes switching sides as selfish needs arose.

Some Boomers have had to traverse the bumpy road of drug and alcohol addictions. Just like, some OG's need to admit cellphone addiction of "Net-sanity." Sometimes, the addictions intertwine.

Boomers have to admit their failure to redress global issues (Climate Change, despot regimes, Economic crisis, etc). OG's should agree and will need to rise up and challenge the prevailing status quo and fight the good fight.

Boomers gave the world, the OG's. And the OG's will now be the inheritor's of the world.

Boomers were the Original Gangsters running the show. But today the Other Generations (OG's) will be the ones calling the shots!

Boomers, need to get out of the way, Buey!

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Mar 19, 2020

Instantly identified with this article being a Baby Boomer myself. Enjoyed this reading to the fullest extent. Tlaloco, tienes mucho talento pero the Umbligo story fell short of my expectations of you after reading the Baby Boomer story. Keep on, keeping on, tengo mucho fe en ti, look forward to your future works. Paz! La Frijolera


Feb 17, 2020

This is great!

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