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Sheros? Como no!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

In 1987, Congress declared March as National Women's History Month in perpetuity. Which honors the extraordinary achievements of American women. So what do we think of, when we recognize the 49.6 percent of humans we call females? Well, here is a Raza perspective on the topic.

Some people may have heard of “heros” and “superheros”, but what on earth is a “She-ro”? Well, “She” may be Wonder Woman or Super Girl when you put it in the context of what we know about comic books or watching the latest “Iron Man” or “Avengers” movies.

You have an image of someone with super powers like x-ray vision, super strength or being able to leap from a tall building in a single bound. Or maybe, a special talent like weaving a web around bad guys? PuroChisme que no!

“La Poderosa?” Well she is the “one!” She’s got the power, simon, she’s got real power! La mas chingona, la que hace o quebra todo. She can make or break you pues! Does anybody immediately think of attaching a gender variation to the word “He-ro”? And think “She-ro”?

Is it possible that we can imagine, in real life, that a female can do anything a male can do?

When a 410 lb male lion is hungry, it can bring down a water buffalo in one fell swoop by first digging his claws and teeth into the shoulders, stomach or hind legs and ripping the body parts with superbly focused strength.

A full grown lioness weighs up to 400lbs. One in particular; “Zuri” from the Indianapolis Zoo was able to kill her male partner “Nyack,” who was 2 years younger than her. Experts say the assault was probably a result of “discordant personalities.” Nyack died of strangulation, Zuri holding him in the tight grip of her jaws. A personality clash? Yikes!

But my point here is - don’t we all know or have a female figure in our life, that stands out because of her immeasurable strength demonstrated in one fashion or another?

Females worldwide stand out for what they take on when they become mothers, in charge of not only their progeny but of the space they live in.

They manage everything from where our food comes from (often it comes directly from her), and how to get it to us on a daily basis. Most women, cook, clean, cloth us and nurture us when we are sick, sad or lonely. Most women survive and produce the next generations to come.

Where exactly does that strength come from? Sometimes it’s ordained, as in the royal families representing different parts of the world. Sometimes, a queen can choose her king and allow or “disallow” certain functions from him. Or when Mother Nature mandates, the female praying mantis will bite off the head of the male during mating!

We are not merely nurturers, we are also the Solderas!

March is Women's History Month! A time to reflect and appreciate the strength of women worldwide. Women who have survived all wars and strife in every country on this planet and still do.

Women who have sacrificed personal freedom for the sake of family and others around them.

Women who have endured abuse and untold pain in the community and their own homes.

Some were martyrs and “She-ros.”

Women who have shaken off the chains of oppression and ignorance and led the fight to change the world.

Women who have risen like a phoenix’ and have made historic achievements for all human beings.

Women who were strong amid borders and boundaries that became mere bumps and missteps.

Women who have taken extraordinary steps toward gender equality everywhere.

Abuelas, Mama's, Daughters, Sisters, Partners, Lovers, y Amigas; outstanding in every way you can imagine.

Beautiful beyond appearance.

Get out of her way or you will be crushed and/or have a crush on her!

Yeah, girls just wanna have fun...but in a month that honors the extraordinary achievements of women...don't ever forget...

Chingonas get things done!


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