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Updated: Feb 22, 2020

He said, sometimes I'm not sure which way to go,

She said, sometimes, it's more important to do, than to know,

He said, yeah, but I get a feeling that I may not be right,

She said, feelings are good, if they don't blur your sight,

He said, I thought I had it, in the palm of my hand,

She said, some things you can't hold on too, like grains of sand,

He said, I wonder why love can be so right and also be wrong,

She said, and happy and sad...but always strong,

He said, I try my best but sometimes, I can't get it done,

She said, without the effort, it wouldn't be fun,

He said, I recognize now, all the things I must do,

She said,"I" is not the answer, when its me and you,

He said, I get it now, my life isn't just for me,

She said, yes, and remember too, that time is not free,

He said, I can't find the express my love for you,

She said, its not the words that count, but the things you do,

He said, You know...I'm so lucky to have you as my wife,

She said, I know...because I chose you, in my life.

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