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Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Did you know…selfishness – began with the umbligo, your bellybutton. The birthing, a shocking first assault on conscious life that led directly to the savage cutting of your life-giving umbligo cord. The first painful reminder of your selfish nature that will stay with you for the rest of your life. The umbligo, a cruel scar that reminds one of a lonely existence in this world. The unconscious energy, your “Chi” that drives your desire to survive. You see, selfishness – believed to be a negative character trait – is not a choice. On the contrary, it is merely an innate will to survive!

Why so selfish? Is not the question, but Why Not, may be the answer? How else can you be happy? Where else can you find the passion and commitment to achieve unless it’s for the one you love most? Are we all not meant to be happy? Should we be a slave to others happiness instead of our own? Is there not good in being selfish? Do we see greatness in others, who find happiness in self? Don’t you want to share in that success? Doesn’t being selfish influence others too – to be happy – when we are happy? We are not alone in our selfishness!

Being selfish isn’t greedy but it is needy. LOVE IS unconditional to those consciously nurturing themselves. Love of self inevitably means joy and happiness alone or with others. That is why a healthy selfishness needs to be developed during childhood. Take the piñata celebration tradition. Most of us wanted to be the one to break the piñata with the stick. Just to get all the attention of being first to break it – How selfish! Likewise, when not hitting the piñata, we greedily wanted to get most of the candy. Pero la familia, they wouldn’t let you and I be selfish. They always took some of the hard-fought prize candy possessions away to share with other less fortunate ninõs. Y porque, Buey? Why are there boundaries to selfishness? Sometimes it can take a lifetime to learn, that being selfish is much different from boundless greed. A fine line that is easily crossed. And, we’ve all happily crossed that line!

Being selfish is not a fault. Selfishness is a lifelong quality meant to be developed. From a violent beginning, our unsightly umbligo reminds us of our first lesson in life, survival. Honing selfishness is much like traversing Maslow's Hierarch of Needs (Look it up ese!). But this is no pyramid scheme. Look at your umbligo. It is a circle of crevices, a scar-faced reminder that where we start is where all the umbligo’s of the world will end. The pinnacle of selfish success, where we finally reach our full potential through creativity, independence, spontaneity, grasping the real world and all its drama. Tu sabes, “El corazón manda les carnes.” We are unconsciously fulfilled with our selfish ways, buey.

Why not be selfishly content. There is no guilt in being happy. Ask yourself, what really makes me happy? Improving yourself, giving to others, succeeding in life, creating stuff? Accomplishments large or small, brings us an inner joy – a positive Chi. Energy that rubs off on those around us too. Your family, partner, children, neighbor, work associates, community, even strangers, feel that positive energy. Being selfishly successful leads to contentment. Being content opens the door in our heart to share our happiness. Simon, que yes! When we are devoted to being truly happy other people feel that joy with us. So, proudly massage your umbligo for the world to see. DO IT! Rub that belly and embrace your Umbligo Chi... where our first pain in life led us to selfishly work hard for inner peace!


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31 ene 2020

Hmmmm, I never really thought of my ombligo that way...rub a dub dub.:0)

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